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I liked the Amazon courier job. It was so busy and dynamic.

When I finished that job in 2017 I started to work with my small van to do deliveries and smaller removals.

I used to work quickly and reliably at Amazon, so people liked my attitude in my new job and I soon needed to update my vans for bigger and bigger, ranging from small vans to Luton vans.

In the last 5 years I completed thousands of moves from small rooms to big houses. I received hundreds of 100% reviews easily and didn’t understand why so many drivers are so unreliable.

I can see that clients are hungry for a good service but they are struggling to find it. Why is it so difficult? Because it’s unique.

Later I found out that people need someone who knows what the demands are for smooth removals and deliveries, and how to satisfy them.

I set up my company ARvans Logistics in 2019 and started a brand new trade name as REMOVERY in 2022. I believe if I give a positive and trustworthy attitude, then I’ll get great partners and clients.

Please check our reviews on Trustpilot and do not hesitate to contact me if you need reliable movers!

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