If you are moving a 2+ bedroom house or flat, and you need extra services like packing or dismantling / fixing services, then this is the perfect choice for you.

One or more vans with two-three movers per van, the job can be a full day or even several days. We will help you with Dismantling / Fixing / Packing.

Every removal quote is different. If you would like to book a removal service, please contact us at 07713837139 or via email at


Order a man with van by the hour.
Four size of vans available and can be filled by you or by one or two guys of us and deliver within hours.
Your responsible to pack everything properly to avoid damages we can use blankets and straps during delivery.
This service is perfect for moving maximum 1-2 bedroom house/flat or even room if you can pack and organise everything and you need only van with a man.

This service doesn’t include dismantling/fixing and packing service but let us know if you need it anyway we can do our best to done it.

For a quick and free quote please try our new tool at or also you can find us on our contacts.


Order a delivery service for 1-3 item(s).
Use this service from big box to a sofa if you have no more then 3 of items (depends of size) and you are okay with various timeslot for pick up.
Delivery can be same day or next day (depends on availibility) for competitive price.

We organise the route you organise the packaging.
Please note this service doesn’t include dismantling / fixing service and packing service.
Your responsibility to cover items properly avoid damages.
We can use blankets during delivery but not during carrying.

To order a delivery please contact us on 07 713 837 139 or email at