Please note that we can only accept jobs where at least the collection or the delivery address is within the Greater London perimeter. Thank you for your understanding.

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Please type your address and the number of floors to carry items up or down, or tick LIFT if available

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Please note that loading and unloading time depends on whether there are stairs or not, carrying distance, the number of helpers, and how well your items are packed.

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Please note that travelling in the van is not part of the service, however some of the drivers allow it at the customer's own risk. Please tick it if you would like to travel in the van.


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Please note that if we need to travel to the Congestion Zone, then we ask you to pay additional £15.00 to the driver on delivery.

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See the extra costs if relevant, payable to the driver

Extra time     £10 / half an hour
Extra floor to carry £5 / level / man
Extra load     £5 / h next size of loading room

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